Outdoor Services

Clogged gutters cause water to overflow and collect around the foundation of your home. During winter months, the moisture can freeze can cause sidewalks and your homes foundation to crack.

Water that backs up in the gutter can also cause moisture damage to the wood in the fascia around your home. When the water backs up in your gutters, it also creates undetected roof leaks that can result in interior damage to walls and ceilings.  During winter months, clogged gutters can stop melting roof snow to back up and create roof leaks

The same ill effects of improper gutter drainage can affect property around your home. For example, water that collects on concrete sidewalks and driveways can freeze and, similar to your foundation, will result in cracks and sagging concrete.

The water that pools on this concrete also causes rapid mold and mildew growth during warmer months and ice during colder months. Both of these events result in a slippery hazard for the homeowner and their family. The same runoff can wash away landscaping, cause soil erosion and kill grass and trees due to overwatering. 

Cleaning your gutters inside and out on a regular basis can keep your home safe, save you thousands in repair bills and make your home look great.

Whenever you look online for advice, you will find whatever answer you are looking for.  Rake your leave, don't rake your leaves. Deadhead your seasonal plants, allow them to decay on their own  The bottom line is...... Do what makes you happy.  A clean up keeps your lawn and landscaping looking clean and neat.  Removing leaves from your lawn keeps the leaf build up off of your lawn over the season. You will keep and healthier lawn over the warmer months  Leaf build up can also attract mice, voles (not moles), snakes, and other nuisances around your lawn and home.  Some leaves will decompose, however, most of them will not and you will still have a mess throughout the year.

What Is A Clean Up And Why Should I Do It?

  • Fall Landscape Clean Up
  • Gutter and Down Spout Cleaning
  • Lawn and Leaf Clean Up
  • Shrub and Bush Trimming
  • Dead Head Seasonal Plants
  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Powerwashing 
  • Lawn Rollilng and Lawn Core Aeration
  • Lawn Weed Control and Fertilization

Why Clean Your Gutters:

Spring and Summer Services Generally Include The Following:

Is your lawn rough and "bumpy"?  Difficult to walk on with bare feet?  Earthworms are great, but cause havoc on your lawn.  We will take our 3,000 pound asphalt roller and smooth it out.  Afterward, we will core aerate the lawn to help relaease the compaction

Lawn Rolling: