Outdoor Services

The outside appeal of your home (referred to as "curb appeal") is the first thing that potential buyers will see, their first impression.  Curb appeal may not actually lower the price of your home, but it can definitely eliminate potential buyers because they do not like what they see.

Curb appeal is an important factor in sale of your home.  Potential buyers start to formulate opinions on a house the minute they pull up it.  A home with positive curb appeal can create  positive feelings.  As opposed to the home with poor curb appeal can create negative feelings.

Curb appeal most definitely will affects the sale of your home.  Below is a list of what we can do to make sure your home attracts as many buyers as possible.

  • Power wash the home to bring the shine back.  Even though your home may not look dirty, you will be surprised at how much dirt there is
  • Power wash they driveway, walks, and other hard surfaces.  A clean walk definitely can make it "POP"
  • Power wash and stain decks, fencing,  and railings
  • Paint or replace shutters
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Remove old, overgrown landscaping
  • Freshen mulch and rock beds
  • Reset landscape edging
  • Re-seed or install sod in bare lawn areas
  • Power edging walks and driveway
  • Install new landscape plants with your existing.  Try to save some of the existing mature plants if possible
  • Repair fencing, light poles, burned out bulbs, and other small repairs if possible
  • Treat your lawn for weeds

Get the most out of the sale of you home with increased curb appeal.  And as always, we provide free estimate and free money saving ideas.